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Orion Technology

Orion has the equipment to handle nearly all types of machining and manufacturing projects.

This equipment has been selected based on reliability and repeatability to produce finished products within specifications while maintaining tight tolerances.

Orion Machining & Design equipment
Orion worker doing CNC and manual machining

CNC and Manual Machining

Our lathe and mill operations are the backbone of our company and accomplished by our well-trained and experienced machinists.

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are used to precisely machine material into desired forms. Repairs or single part manufacturing can sometimes be done faster on a manual machine.

We have a wide assortment of CNC and manual machines designed for long-term accuracy and superior surface finishes, bore sizes and lengths.

Orion CNC lathes

CNC Lathes

Orion Machining and Design owns and operates multiple CNC lathes with the larger lathes having a capacity of 30” diameter turning capacity to a 44” length and a through spindle bore capacity of up to 7”.

The smaller and faster machines can turn 14” diameter parts up to a length of up to 24” long and have up to a 4 ½” through spindle bore.

Orion CNC mills

CNC mills

Orion Machining and Design is able to mill large and small parts because of the variety of machines available in the Lloydminster Facility.

The largest mill has a milling window of 64 Inches on X Axis, 32 inches on Y Axis, and 30 inches on Z Axis and a rotary axis that has a through bore of 7 ½”.

The smallest mill has a milling window of 16 Inches on X Axis, 12 inches on Y Axis, and 10 inches on  Z Axis and a rotary axis that has a through bore of 1 1/4”

Software technology

Orion Machining & Design is fully integrated with software key to ensuring quality products are produced in a timely manner along with full traceability. The primary technology currently utilized includes the following:


Solid Works



E2 shop tech

Quality Management System

Orion Machining & Design recognizes that having a Quality Management System is required to meet our customers demanding needs. We are ISO 9001 - 2015 certified. Our success is measured by performance, evaluation, review, and a desire for continuous improvement.

At Orion we have a thoroughly vetted and qualified list of suppliers. All materials are confirmed to be sourced from non-conflict zones.

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