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Our experience and expertise enabled us to focus on producing several products that either outperform existing technology or that we are commonly called on to supply.

Our proprietary designs have evolved over time with operational feedback from our customers. The current full suite of Orion Machining & Design products are offered with extensive, and successful run history.

These high-quality products are often available on short notice with orders being filled by existing inventory.

Our Products

Orion spring-loaded tag bar

Orion Spring-Loaded Tag Bar

Orion’s field proven Tag Bar design has been exceeding operational expectations for over 15 years. This technology allows for flushing through the pump while still using a slotted tag bar design which saves on workover expenses.

Orion wireline retrievable bridge plug

Wireline Retrievable Bridge Plug

Extensive field proven WR technology offered in two-stack and three-stack element variations. Size range available from 177.8mm (7”) through to 244.5mm (9-5/8”). Setting adapter kits and retrieving tools are also available.

Orion couplings


API threaded couplings available in most sizes. Material options offered from standard J-55 to Nickel alloys and stainless steels.

Orion coil tubing bull nose

Coil Tubing Bull Nose

Roll-on coil connection and smooth tapered bull nose profile.  Available in a variety of sizes. Custom shapes and materials available on request.

Orion coil to coil connectors

Coil to Coil Connectors

Utilizing reliable roll-on coil connections these connectors are available in a variety of sizes.  

Orion coil to thread connectors

Coil to Thread Connectors

The connectors are roll-on coil connection x API pin thread connection. Various sizes available. Alternative materials and non-API threads or blank pins available on request.

Orion shear studs

Shear Studs

Controlled value tensile shearing studs for various hydraulic or wireline set tools. Available in a large variety of shear values and shear value tolerances. Third-party batch tested and certified for quality assurance.

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